Yasutaka Nakata

The Appeal of Tokyo for Yasutaka Nakata (Capsule)

When I hear the word “Tokyo,” I think of a city that draws in all kinds of things and ideas from around the world, but then reworks them according to its own interpretations. But what’s interesting for me is that Tokyo reinterprets those influences, especially in creative arena, without really being aware of doing it.

What do I like about Tokyo? I guess it’s that if there’s anything I want, it’s already here in abundance! To put it another way, because Tokyo “draws in” things from elsewhere as I said earlier, here in Tokyo I can find and experience any product or service I want to try. That availability makes Tokyo a city of incredible opportunity.

Another thing I like is the dizzying speed with which this city constantly changes, even as parts of the city are preserved unchanged. Another way of saying Tokyo is “constantly changing” is to say that great numbers of people throw ideas at each other all the time. Watching that process happen is stimulating, and it’s lots of fun.

Obviously Tokyo and my work are connected. The things I see with my own eyes and experience in the place where I live are a fountain of creativity for me. A lot of people ask me how I think about overseas influences when I compose music, but I don’t know much about it. There are a lot of countries and regions out there, and I’ve never lived abroad. I really don’t know exactly how those overseas influences come to me.

I enjoy doing musical activities that aren’t possible anywhere else, so inevitably my music has a Tokyo sound to it.


Yasutaka Nakata

Yasutaka Nakata’s group Capsule released its debut CD in 2001. Since then Nakata has produced albums for Japanese pop bands such as Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu; composed songs for artists such as SMAP, Tomohisa Yamashita and Ringo Shiina; created the soundtracks for the animated movie One Piece Filk Z and the opening theme for the Liar Game series; and even composed the departure-warning melody used at Kanazawa Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen. Nakata continues to be active on multiple artistic fronts. Capsule is a freewheeling, stimulating musical group with a hand in much more than music. The group is much loved for sharing its creativity not only in the musical world but also in fields such as apparel, beauty care and movies.