Wisut Ponnimit

The Appeal of Tokyo for Wisut Ponnimit

There's an amazing variety of scenes in Tokyo.

You can find elegant scenes like Omotesando, yet just one train stop away you'll encounter funky areas like Shimokitazawa. Tokyo is a lot of fun. Influences from many different eras are all jumbled together.

It's interesting to me that some stores and restaurants are really new, while others take you back to a different era. You'll see so many faces, and there are so many stories to tell.

Tokyo is home to foreigners, dynamic young Japanese people, children and the elderly. Creative types side-by-side with buttoned-down salarymen. I feel like I'm in a movie, just one small men walking in the big city.


Wisut Ponnimit

Wisut Ponnimit was born in Bangkok in 1976. Like all Thai people, he has a nickname, which is Tam. Wisut debuted as a manga artist (comics artist) in 1998.
After living in Kobe from 2003 to 2006, Wisut returned to Bangkok, which continues to be his base of operation as an artist. He has produced a wide range of manga works, including the Mamuang series, Buranko (published by Shogakkan) and He She It, published by Nanarokusha. In 2009 He She It Aqua won an Honorable Mention in the Manga category at the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Media Art Festival. Wisut draws animations and composes music, and collaborated with Ikuko Harada on Baan, a musical project.