Message from the Ambassador

The “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia,”as one of the largest film festivals in Tokyo and Asia, supports young creators seeking to fly towards the world from Tokyo and produces short films that would make people all over the world feel, “Wow, this makes me want to visit Tokyo.”

Tokyo, in my view, is a place that feels pretty much like a big theater.

You’ll find here stories based on good old traditions typical of Tokyo. The city also presents a condensed, patchwork world with pieces coming from different parts of the world.

This is the kind of appeal that drives many film makers as those stories spread to the far corners of the world.

Take Harajuku -- the place where the film festival I founded came into being -- and Omote-Sando, which is home to Meiji Jingu, a magnificent Shinto shrine built in the ancient days. And the town of Shibuya is filled with all kinds of stories with that sparkle, luring young people to this city from all over the world. The stories then are transformed under the spell of Tokyo, casting more and more glamour, as they continue to evolve.

The process of how that allure would eventually blossom is what I’d like everyone to savor and enjoy.

Actor/Representative of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Bessho Tetsuya