Tamae Hirokawa

The Appeal of Tokyo for Tamae Hirokawa

Tokyo is a city with incredible creative power. Whether in clothing, cuisine or living environments, Tokyo quickly absorbs influences from other cultures and passes them through a Japanese “filter” to give birth to something altogether new. As artists in Tokyo we are constantly motivated by the adoptability and application of the elements resulting from the cutting edge technology with the changing of times.

Today there isn’t much left in Tokyo of the old scenery and streetscapes of Edo. We’ve exchanged kimono for Western clothing, and we live in a concrete forest of enormous buildings. Yet even so, the city is deeply imbued with the aesthetic sensibility of the Japanese people. If you walk around Tokyo, strolling through Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine, you’ll see the boundless creativity inspired by our deep love for the natural beauty of Japan.

Many powerful works of architecture have been opened to the public, conveying the culture of eras in which they were built. The numerous artworks on display throughout the city are evidences of the Japanese people’s love for art. With all its profusion, diversity and complex combination of elements, somehow Tokyo manages to gel as a coherent whole. For me that’s what makes Tokyo attractive. The Tokyo we see today is the result of steady progress amid mutual respect for each other’s differences.


Tamae Hirokawa

Tamae Hirokawa burst onto the scene in 2006 with the creation of Soma Design, a business working with the conbination of fashion, graphic design, sound creation and visual direction. At the same time Hirokawa launched a design project called Somarta.
In August 2006, Soma Design launched Skin, a series of seamless bodywear inspired by the concept of “exploring the possibilities of clothing on the body.” Skin was added to Soma Design’s Tokyo collection beginning in Spring/Summer 2007.
Hirokawa’s designs won the 2007 Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix and Honorable Mention in the Shiseido Awards. Hirokawa continues to expand her sphere of activities. She recently presented Hirokawa Tamaeten-Karada no Keifu (“Body Pedigree, an Exhibition by Tamae Hirokawa”), her first individual exhibition in Japan.