Ruth Marie Jarman

The appeal of Tokyo for Ruth Marie Jarman

Tokyo gives me freedom.

There are many people here because it is a megacity. If you are looking for some privacy and peace, all you need to do is blend into the "herd" of infinite people. But if you want to be around many people, all you need to do is go to a cafe or shops where you will be warmly welcomed there.

In Tokyo, you can put on earphones and immerse yourself in some study or reading. At the same time, if you say "hi" to the bus driver or people who walk past you, they will surely say "hi" to back you with a smile.

Putting yourself in a quiet, private place will change your mood and enables you to laugh out loud and enjoy communicating with others.

Not only does Tokyo invite individuals, but it also offers encounters unique to Tokyo anywhere and anytime. Tokyo values both the you deeply in thought and the you who wants to be around people.

Tokyo itself is very diverse, but at the same time, it has the power to bring out the diversity in people. Tokyo is a magical oasis where everyone can shine and show their abilities.


Ruth Marie Jarman

Born in North Carolina, USA and raised in Hawaii.
After graduating from an International Relations major at Tufts University in Boston, she joined Recruit in 1988 and has been in Japan ever since.
She found Jarman International in April 2012 and has been supporting the globalization of Japan as well as helping businesses create customers and plan management strategies. She was awarded female Leader of the Year (in the Tokyo area) in 2013. She is supporting the "Japanese" globalization of Japan for the next generation while being a mother of two children.
She appears on many Japanese TV shows including "Sekai ni Itte Mitara Honto wa Konna Toko Datta!?" (Fuji TV), "Asa Made Nama Terebi!" (TV Asahi), "Amazipang" (TBS) and appears regularly as a business advisor on "Shigoto no Kiso Eigo" (NHK). She has written books including "Nihonjin ga Sekai ni Hokoreru 33 no Koto" and "Yappari Sugoi yo, Nihonjin." Her newest book "Sekai ni Kagayaku, Yamato Nadeshiko no Sokojikara" has been gathering attention amongst Japanese women."