The Appeal of Tokyo for Noritake

I moved from Kobe to Tokyo at age 20 and have lived here for 15 years, so I have spent most of my adult life and career here in Tokyo. As part of my career to date, I have met and parted ways with many friends, acquaintances, and mentors with whom I share both fond and bitter memories, and I believe this has helped shape who I am today.

Recently I have had more opportunities to travel to various cities overseas and regions in Japan for leisure and on business. Comparing Tokyo to those cities, I feel that Tokyo has more cultural facilities than anywhere else, such as quirky shops, small and large galleries, and movie theaters, where a variety of interesting events are held every weekend. I also like that Tokyo has plenty of places where you can enjoy peace and quiet, such as spacious parks, libraries, and museums. On the other hand, what I don’t like is the busy rush hour and large crowds.

As for work, many of my business partners are designers, publishers and agencies that are based in Tokyo. I know a few quiet coffee shops in my neighborhood where we can hold meetings when I’m not able to go to their offices. We live in a time when Skype is readily available, but I still believe that there are many benefits to speaking face-to-face and bouncing ideas off one another in person. So I think the main reason I live in Tokyo, at least from a work standpoint, is because I can easily meet up with the people that I work with.



Noritake is an illustrator with an extensive track record in Japan and internationally, in advertising, fashion, publishing and product design. His simple black-and-white drawings have been featured in a variety of projects, including "Himitsu Kichi No Tsukurikata" (Asuka Shinsha), "Eigo No Moto" (NHK Publishing) and "Self Defense" (Kodansha). In 2015 Noritake’s illustrations were featured on the covers of magazines including Brutus, Tarzan and The Forecast. He was also involved in the production of a segment of "Design Ah" on NHK Educational TV.
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