Message from the Ambassador

I think the inpuression most foreigners have of Tokyo are Akihabara and skyscrapers. Actually, over 10,000 farmers are working here. Almost every type of vegetable produced in Japan is also grown in Tokyo.

For the past five years I've used locally grown vegetables. They are known as Edo Tokyo vegetables. Grown in Tokyo since the Edo Period, there are about 40 kinds of these vegetables. Because they are locally produced, they smell and taste fresher. Yes, they are indeed delicious. Vegetables cultivated in rich soil and grown in a safe way these are Edo Tokyo vegetables. It was a revelation for me.

Vegetables, fish, and of course, craftsmen. There are so many traditions around Japan,C22 and I think Tokyo is where the most of them remain alive. There are so many new things to discover in Tokyo. I certainly hope you will enjoy a new experience of Tokyo's charms.

HOTEL DE MIKUNI Managing chef Kiyomi Mikuni