Katsura Sunshine

The Appeal of Tokyo for Katsura Sunshine

Tokyo is an "unimaginable" city. To people who have never been to Tokyo, no matter how much we praise the wonders of Tokyo, its splendor is far beyond their imagination.

This is because Tokyo is a city that not only exists in reality; but also in a world of fantasy.

The ukiyo, "floating world" rooted in Edo period, is a world of fantasy which continued to today and keeps continuing into the future. It is a city far beyond the imagination, which one cannot understand without visiting.

Tokyo is infinite. For example, even if you live 150 years, you will not be able to know all of Tokyo. There is Shinjuku, there is Ueno, Omotesando, Harajuku, Asakusa, Shibuya, Kagurazaka, and other neighborhoods. Even individually, each is charming and wonderful.

Just by walking down a few blocks, a totally different world appears.

And they coexist in a lovely way. For example how Akihabara of ultra-modernity coexists with the traditional culture of Kagurazaka.

And there is so much "coexistence" in Tokyo that is beyond description. Tradition and ultra-modernity. Internationalism and Japanese identity. Like these, endlessly, and in deep forms.

Tokyo. Here lies the greatest city in the world.


Katsura Sunshine

Born in Toronto, Canada. Rakugo storyteller, playwright, composer. As a rakugo storyteller, He became an apprentice under Bunshi Katsura VI (Sanshi Katsura at the time) in 2008. He became the first foreigner in the Kamigata Rakugo society, and Japan's first foreign rakugo storyteller after the WWII. Thereafter, He boldly toured Singapore, Sri Lanka, North America, the UK, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, and Africa. He performs in many musicals and TV programs, works on subtitle translations, and is the PR head of the Mie Prefecture tourism campaign team.