Erika Sakurazawa

The Appeal of Tokyo for Erika Sakurazawa

The reason why I am living in Tokyo is mainly because my work partner, the publishing company, is located nearby. Although I would probably do all right just drawing manga in another part of the country, I find it difficult to draw unless the editor comes by periodically to keep watch!

Moreover, I feel stimulated by seeing the many new things that are always being created in Tokyo. These sorts of things especially can easily become material for my work.

I often walk through the city to find material for my work. What's interesting about Tokyo is that the city's character can change dramatically just by crossing a street. If it were just a matter of shopping, it wouldn't make a difference—thanks to the Internet, there is almost nothing you can't buy in the rural regions of Japan. But in Tokyo I can enjoy the changing scenery and the differences in where people live just by crossing a street. In Shibuya, for example, you can turn a corner and find yourself in an area full of young ostentatiously-dressed "gyaruo" men. Then you leave that area and there are suddenly none to be found.

Whether you're in Tokyo or in any of the other regions, you can get your hands on whatever you want nowadays. But I think that the way Tokyo is divided into very distinct areas is one of its charms. Being able to discover a delicious restaurant by chance and being able to encounter many things that can't be appreciated just by Internet reviews is definitely one of Tokyo's good points.



Erika Sakurazawa

Born in Tokyo. Active in various fields such as comic books and fashion magazines since her debut as a teenager. Many of her works focus on manga and illustrations depicting the feelings of women realistically. In 1991-93, her masterpiece "Making Happy" established her popularity. She is always sensitive to fashionable and cute things and places for that season, and her lightly refined style of drawing is used to maximize its charm. Her 1997 Anthology (10 volumes in total) was first published in 1997 by Asukashinsha. She writes well-cultivated story manga, and also has a strong reputation for essay manga such as "Shippo ga Tomodachi" (Tail is My Friend). Through the publication of "Luxury Birth" (Asukashinsha & Shincho Bunko), and the "Today's Weather" series (Shodensha), her experience of childbirth were well-documented.
Her hobbies include pursuing healthy ways of living, ballet, shopping, and practicing tea ceremony.
Current series: "Star Era" in "Women Themselves" (Kobunsha)