Atsushi Miura

The appeal of Tokyo for Atsushi Miura

What's appealing about Tokyo for me is that it's all kinds of boutiques of all the world has to offer. You can find carefully selected interesting and great things here, new and old, from all over the world, whether in clothes, sundries, music or what have you. Tokyo is like no other city.

Among the things in Tokyo that attract foreign visitors to Japan are cheap restaurants tucked inside little lanes and alleys, serving delicious food at reasonable prices. Just the other day I walked into an eel restaurant and saw Korean customers there. A lot of foreigners visit Harmonica Yokocho in Kichijoji. When they redevelop the site ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, they need to make those old lanes and alleys work as part of the plan, rather than destroying them. Otherwise Tokyo will become a boring place, for both the people who live here and those who visit from overseas.

Tokyo has had picturesque scenery since its earliest days. It's unusual for such a modern city to offer so much natural beauty. For example, could you imagine a waterfall in the middle of Paris?


Atsushi Miura

Atsushi Miura conducts research on consumer society, the family, youth, social class, cities and other aspects of modern life. As a futurist, Miura proposes what he calls "social designs." Publications by Miura include the 800,000-copy bestseller Karyu Shakai ("Lower-class Society"), Daiyon no Shohi: Tsunagari o Umidasu Shakai ("The Fourth Consumption: Society That Creates Connections"), Kakusa Kotei: Karyu Shakai Junengo no Jittai ("Entrenched Disparities: Lower-class Society 10 Years Later"), Tokyo wa Kougai Kara Kiete Iku! ("Tokyo is Being Destroyed from the Suburbs!"). Kazoku to Kofuku no Sengoshi ("The Postwar History of the Family and Happiness"), Fast-fuka Suru Nippon ("The Rise of Fast Culture in Japan") and Showa Goraku no Dendo no Jidai ("Showa, the Age of the Pleasure Palace").