Akira Morikawa

The Appeal of Tokyo for Akira Morikawa

Tokyo's reliability and stability stands out among major cities worldwide. Trains come on time, and there are no power outages.

Work relies on people meeting commitments, and I think Tokyo is a very reliable city for work because of the rarity of sudden schedule changes.

However, it is so tightly structured that it might be difficult to enter from the outside because people from other countries are not accustomed to this type of stability.

In fact, I do hear that business with Japanese companies does not progress much initially. Once it ramps up, however, relationships often continue for a long time as long as commitments are met.

Many Japanese companies place more emphasis on the working environment for employees than short-term profits. This is why they achieve longer-term results that come over time.

Many more people will be coming to Japan ahead of the 2020 Olympics. I believe it is important to communicate the appeal of Tokyo even more than before in order to engage these people and stimulate Tokyo.



Akira Morikawa

Graduated from University of Tsukuba in 1989, and joined Nippon Television Network Corporation.
In 1999 graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School of International Political Economy Research Department and received MBA.
Then he joined Sony Corporation.
In 2003, he joined Hangame Japan Co., Ltd., after serving as the Board of Directors, in October 2006, he became Executive Vice President.
In October 2007, he became the president of (name changed from Hangame Japan) NHN Japan Co., Ltd. The same year in November, he became the CEO and president of NAVER Japan Co., Ltd. upon the establishment of the company.
In April 2013, along with the change in corporate name of NHN Japan Corporation, he was appointed as the president and CEO of LINE Co., Ltd.
In March 2015 he retired from the President and CEO.
The same year in April, he was appointed as Representative Director of C Channel Co., Ltd