People in various fields talk about their “Fascinating Tokyo.”

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  • HOTEL DE MIKUNI Managing chef

    Kiyomi Mikuni

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  • Actor/Representative of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

    Tetsuya Bessho

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Features the lives of various people living in Tokyo.
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    2015 PEOPLE

    Contents published in 2015

    This session gathers professionals who are active in Tokyo in a wide variety of genres on the topic of approaches to the attractions of Tokyo.


      As a manga artist, what do you think are Tokyo's attractions?

      Presented by: Masayuki Kusumi and Erika Sakurazawa

      Right photo: taken by Masayuki Kamo (Iris)

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      How can sports bring Tokyo to life?

      Presented by: Masumi Kuwata and Dai Tamesue

      Left Photo : ©Studio dp/ Y. Umeda

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      What are the attractions of Tokyo as a business city?

      Presented by: Masatoshi Kumagai and Akira Morikawa

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      What are the attractions of Tokyo as a food city?

      Presented by: Shigemi Kawahara and Aya Kakisawa

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      What is the appeal of Tokyo, a city where tradition meets innovation?

      Presented by: Hideki Togi and Minosuke Bando

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      How far can technology go in making Tokyo attractive?

      Presented by: Seiichi Saito and Toshiyuki Inoko

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    Professionals from various fields talk about what makes Tokyo appealing in their view.

    • Masayuki Kusumi

      Manga artist, Musician

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    • Erika Sakurazawa

      Manga artist
      photo: taken by Masayuki Kamo (Iris)

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    • Noritake


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    • Asa Ekstrom

      Manga artist and illustrator

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    • Katsura Sunshine

      Rakugo storyteller, playwright, composer

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    • Masumi Kuwata

      Former player for the Yomiuri Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates

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    • Dai Tamesue

      Former professional track and field athlete

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    • Akira Morikawa

      C Channel, Co., Ltd. Representative

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