As a manga artist, what do you think are Tokyo's attractions?

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    Appeal of living in Tokyo

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    Tokyo's attractions as a base of operation for manga artists
    • Tokyo regions and culture that provide material for manga
    • What makes Japanese manga so popular worldwide
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    Comments from our viewers
    • I'd like to see manga that are specialized for regions of Tokyo
    • I'd like to read manga by these two authors about the Tokyo of the near future
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    Their applications of &TOKYO
    • Applications of FAIR MANGA & TOKYO
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The appeal of &TOKYO for them

  • Manga is an international language today. In the old days manga were called "cartoons" but the word didn't seem to fit. Now you can say "manga" and people know what you mean. That's why I think there should be some kind of manga-like presentation at the Olympics. Like manga presented at the opening ceremonies to orchestral accompaniment, with talk bubbles saying "Ta-da!" or something. That would be fun. I think they'll make more extensive use of manga in Tokyo. (Masayuki Kusumi)

  • New things appear on Tokyo's skyline all the time. It's really stimulating to see new things all the time. It's easy to find new material for my work in this city. For example, sometimes when I visit a shrine or temple in the city, I might see a big ginkgo tree. That's enough to give me inspiration for a manga. Walking around Tokyo is an important activity for me. (Erika Sakurazawa)


Here we present some of the various opinions you posted on Twitter.

  • I'd love to read some of your works about the near future in Tokyo! #andtokyo

  • A little while ago the manga of Saitama Prefecture caused a stir. It would be great if some manga artists could make something offbeat and unconventional that illustrates some of the unique features of Tokyo. #andtokyo

Panelist Profiles

  • Masayuki Kusumi

    Born in Mitaka, Tokyo in 1958. Graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Hosei University.
    At Bigakko (Art School) and Pictograph Workshop, he apprenticed under Genpei Akasegawa. In 1981, he teamed with Haruki Izumi and they debuted together as manga artists as "Masayuki Izumi." He published many works, including "Shoku no Gunshi" (Food Tactician) that was made into a TV show in 2015. The "Solitary Gourmet" manga which he drew together with Jiro Taniguchi has been translated and published in nine countries such as Italy, France and Taiwan. It was also made into a series of TV shows in 2012, and is now airing its 5th season. He composes and performs all the music in the TV shows, supervises the screenplays, and also appears as a reporter at the end. As a musician, he performs on over 60 stages mainly in Tokyo each year, including his first overseas performance in 2015 in Taiwan. In the same year, he composed and performed the song "Toy Blues" for NHK's "Together with Mother" in September. His latest publication "Tokyo Santama Primitive Man" (Asahi Shimbun Publishing) is an autobiographical collection of essays, in which he takes walks around Santama neighborhoods.

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  • Erika Sakurazawa

    Born in Tokyo. Active in various fields such as comic books and fashion magazines since her debut as a teenager. Many of her works focus on manga and illustrations depicting the feelings of women realistically. In 1991-93, her masterpiece "Making Happy" established her popularity. She is always sensitive to fashionable and cute things and places for that season, and her lightly refined style of drawing is used to maximize its charm. Her 1997 Anthology (10 volumes in total) was first published in 1997 by Asukashinsha. She writes well-cultivated story manga, and also has a strong reputation for essay manga such as "Shippo ga Tomodachi" (Tail is My Friend). Through the publication of "Luxury Birth" (Asukashinsha & Shincho Bunko), and the "Today's Weather" series (Shodensha), her experience of childbirth were well-documented.
    Her hobbies include pursuing healthy ways of living, ballet, shopping, and practicing tea ceremony.
    Current series: "Star Era" in "Women Themselves" (Kobunsha)

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