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A lot of exciting events are coming! Halloween, Christmas, countdown, New Year holidays, etc.
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Campaign Application Procedure

Submission from TOKYO BRAND official site
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Submit your photos with hashtag “#andtokyo” and “#party” on your social media. Please note that some photos posted from Google+/Twitter/Instagram will be published on our official website.

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Terms and Conditions

Prerequisite for campaign participation
The eligible submission must fulfill the following two conditions

・Image containing &TOKYO logo
・Comment to describe the submitted image

Regarding the introduction of submitted image
・The selected creative ideas will be published on TOKYO BRAND official website and other events organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Precaution for submission
・You acknowledge that your submitted image and comment will be made available on the website later once the pre-screening process is completed.
・You are solely responsible for image and comment you upload, post or otherwise make available to others using this website. Under no circumstances will Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau and Tokyo Metropolitan Government be liable in any way for any image or comment posted or made available on the site.
・When using third party image and/or comment, you affirm, represent, and warrant that you own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to publish content you submit from the rightful owner of the material.
・The following contents will be restrained to publish on the website:
- Any content violating public order and morality;
- Any content slander, defamatory and libelous towards third party;
- Any content linked to unlawful or criminal act;
- Any content disclose private or personal matters concerning any person;
- Any content that are the risk of harm or damage to this website.
・All rights reserved by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and its designees to remove any content that has violated the term(s) listed above even in the case that the content is published on the website.
・You acknowledge that any inquiry relating to the submission of your post or the publishing of contents on the website will not be accepted.
・You acknowledge that your submitted contents may be used or reprinted by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau and Tokyo Metropolitan Government's designated media with the following reference "User generated contents from TOKYO BRAND official website" stated.
・You acknowledge that your personal information will only be used in the circumstance(s) related to this campaign.
・In addition, please refer to "Privacy Policy" on Tokyo Metropolitan Government home page for detail information regarding the handling of personal information.
・You acknowledge that we reserve the right to amend or terminate the campaign content or these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.

For inquiries about this campaign
&TOKYO Creative Idea Office

For inquiries about the use of &TOKYO logo


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